Despite being a lifelong reader (and a voracious one, at that), I had never really attempted to try my hand at writing until later in life.  There were no original stories swirling in my mind until, ironically, Saturday Night Live's "Dear Sister" sketch inspired my Scott & Felicia series (I'll explain that in the show's cover page).

The explosion of ideas and characters didn't truly begin, however, until Lilly (and again, I'll explain that in that show's cover page).  Once I set out on that journey, it was like the dam broke.  The novellas The Last of the McLiams, Mirian, and Someplace Special all began in that flood; a period of about six years between 2011 and 2017.  The TV shows Unreel and Redemption Crick were also, to a lesser extent, a result of that creative burst.

I'm also working on a few newer stories, as well.  These are all continuing works, constantly in progress, and will continue until I'm satisfied with them -- which, I think you'll see, is a rather high standard.  I'm my own worst critic, so if I'm not happy with it, I'm not done with it.  These things take a while, especially the larger projects.

Some of these works are available to read for free, but you'll have to become a registered user to view them (which is also free, and you can do so with your Facebook account).  Others will be behind a paywall.  Can't just give away my best stuff for nothin', ya know?

All of these works are rated in a manner similar to the MPAA's rating system (G, PG, PG-13, and R).  You can choose the highest rating level you want to see in your profile settingsAnd if you're worried about NC-17 or X-rated content, don't be.  Not only have I not written any, my hosting provider (the wonderful people at A2 Hosting) doesn't allow it, so there'll be none'a that now, ya hear?

All that said, I hope you enjoy reading what I've written so far!