There are some things in this world that it is necessary to repeat for any number of reasons.  Maybe bigots are attempting to drown out the facts with their hatred.  Maybe the economically illiterate are spewing nonsense that needs to be disproven yet again.  Maybe there's a political solution to a pressing issue that stands far superior to what's being offered by the establishment, and it needs to get out into the public consciousness.

These are the reasons why I use copypasta.

So, in order to save time and effort -- i.e. not having to copy and paste everything every time I need to use it -- I'm posting it all here so that all I have to do is post a link to it.

These are being added in no particular order; they're just informational snippets that I find myself throwing out there on the interwebz every so often.  Feel free to use them, yourself, if you so wish.